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since 2012



Charlie and Roy grew up surrounded by family. They knew how special it was to be part of something with each other. With their dad in the hospitality industry for most of their teenage years, the boys fell into the hospitality business, making food and coffee everyday. To put it simply: it’s the only thing they know how to do!

Charlie started his career as a barista, while working his way to winning Sydney’s favourite café award. Roy started off his career as a barista while studying marketing full time. Wanting to break traditional concepts and moulds, they set out to develop a brand that was fun, energetic and exciting, together! 

Their idea was to not just create a place where people could enjoy food and drinks, but a place that made sure the laughs, memorable moments and interactions people had in their stores would bring them back.

The name “Piccolo Me” originated from the brothers coffee of choice, a “Piccolo Latte” and pays homage to their first store being small, recognising that something big has to start out small.

The Piccolo Me brand is continually expanding since opening it's first store in 2012. Piccolo Me currently has  30 store locations across Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne, and many more to come!


Piccolo Me is an innovative, easy-going, delicious and fun cafe brand!!

We make beverages and food that have Piccolo Me twist to get our customers excited to try our delicious food. We have a range for our customers to choose from reflecting our chill and hearty attitude.

Our purpose is to satisfy our customers, ensuring they leave with a smile on their face.

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what Does it mean?

“Piccolo’d” is a term used to express one’s joy from visiting a Piccolo Me Store.

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