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piccolo me

piccolo me

Welcome to Piccolo Me’s loyalty program. Earn points every time you drink or eat with us. 

Join the family

Download and sign up to the Piccolo Me App. Don't forget to claim your $5 app credit

How it works
start earning

You earn 10 points every $1 you spend using our app.


Swap 3500 points for $20 of delicious food! 

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A loyalty program that rewards you instantly. Download the Piccolo Me app and start earning points.

New customers, First time only.

using the
piccolo me app

Download the Piccolo Me app and start earning points. 

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  • Where can I download the app?
    You can download our app via the Apple store or Google Play. Click here to download the Piccolo Me App. ✉️ Still need help? Contact us
  • I have an issue, who can I contact?
    You can use the support function within the app or email
  • Can I pay cash and still earn points?
    No, to earn loyalty points you will need to make the payment via the app.
  • I want to check an order I have already placed, how do I do this?
    In the "my activity" section in the app will give you a breakdown of every transaction you have made.
  • I'm not getting notifications, why?
    Your notifications might need to be turned on in your phone. Every device is slightly different, but to turn this should be located in your settings.
  • How do I know that I am on the latest version of the app?
    Its very important to make sure you are on the latest version of the app. If you do not have automatic updates turned on all you need to do is go to the app store and search the Piccolo Me app. If it says "update" then update the app by pressing this button. If it says "installed" you are on the latest version.
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